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I’ve known for a while what my passion is. It’s who I say I am when I am asked what I do for a living. It is my release even though it has become my career.

I’ve often asked my wife, Jemma, what her passion is. I’m always met with resistance and the usual, “I don’t know. I haven’t found my passion yet.”

I was always disappointed with her answer. Everyone has a passion but it usually gets dismissed as a playtime activity, hobby, or retirement plans. We all often wish we could be somewhere else then where we are now.

Instead of asking the usual question, I decided to be a bit more specific. I came up with a question and several leading statements that could help her define her passion.

They helped. They are listed here;

If you could do something you love right now, what would it be?

When you do this thing, you are thinking of nothing but this.

When you are not doing it, you long to be.

When you are doing it, you are not afraid.

When you are performing it, you have no worries.

When you lace up your shoes right before you start, you are thinking of nothing but what is to come.

From the first step to the last step, the feeling is exactly the same.

When you do this thing, you are in the zone.

You are good at it. It is so easy for you, yet you still want to get better.

It is the only thing on your mind right now.

Say it out loud now. My passion is _______________.

It is one of the ways you experience happiness.

It is not an addiction, nor is it an obsession.

It makes you happy. It is your happiness.

Face it as often as you desire because it is what you seek in life.

Take a bird’s eye mental snapshot of what your thoughts are in this exact moment.

Your mind is there now.

You have happiness in this exact moment.

Happiness is possible for you at any moment.

Name your passion…


The thing with finding your passion, it is often dismissed as a dream because you don’t know how to earn a living with it.

You don’t have to earn a living with it.

It’s what you live for.

It’s what brings you to life.

Don’t dismiss life.

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