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Oh My God

What an incredible gift we have in the Internet.

We have a connection to everyone in the world.

We can communicate with the entire world through the entire world.

We have the complete ability to send a direct and immediate message to anyone also connected with just a few clicks of the keyboard.

At this moment, we have to ability to make peace in our world with this one thing.

Right now, I can send a message to my enemy.

Right now, I can send a message to someone who has hurt me.

Right now, I can send a direct message to someone whom I deeply distrust.

Right now, I can send a personal message to someone I just cannot forgive.

Right now, I have a direct connection to someone whom I see as a threat.

Right now, I can send a personal message to someone whom I have wronged.

Right now, I can tell this person, this group, this country, this;


This message is true.

You may not know me.

My name is __________________________.

I am not my parent and I agree that you are not your elder.

No matter what I think I know about you.

No matter what you have done to me.

No matter what you can do to me.

In my mind, I CAN think of a good thing about you.

I’ve hidden thinking about it. I didn’t even want to know it. I’ve even forgotten it.

But I remember it now.

You are a human being.

Just like me.

Since we are both human beings, we both seek happiness.

We both experience joy and we both experience pain.

We both seek to experience happiness with family and friends as often as possible.

We both grieve when we lose either family or friend.

Neither of us leave our homes each day to willfully or intentionally inflict pain on someone we know or do not know.

We would both rather be with our loved ones.

We can do this now.

I am going to start by saying this;

I respect your right to defend you and your loved ones.

I respect your right to defend your honor and theirs.

I respect your right to have personal beliefs that provide you peace in times of turmoil.

I respect your right to life, freedom, and the experience of love.

Along with this stated respect that I give you now, I desire for you to know my sincere belief that we both share a common desire for happiness.

If you saw the love that I experience here and I saw the love that you experience there, I believe that we both could accept each other as seekers of happiness.

As seekers of happiness, both our hurt and fear can be gone if we each direct our energy towards that experience of love. Any love.

I offer you this.

I am sorry I have wronged you.

I wish you peace.

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