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Monthly Archives: November 2015

29 Nov 2015


I see a medieval-looking contraption over my bed. It is there with my approval. It pours water and gives me my feeling. It is controlled by me. Each moment my alarm clock blares, I hit the Start. I start drowning in self-loathing, self-doubt, worry and fear. I worry what the day has in store. I fear that I am not prepared. Why am I not prepared? Because I procrastinated. Because I didn’t study. Because. That list was not completed. I […]

29 Nov 2015


Oh My God What an incredible gift we have in the Internet. We have a connection to everyone in the world. We can communicate with the entire world through the entire world. We have the complete ability to send a direct and immediate message to anyone also connected with just a few clicks of the keyboard. At this moment, we have to ability to make peace in our world with this one thing. ___________________________________________________ Right now, I can send a […]

29 Nov 2015


I used to be an Atheist. I am now a true believer. However, I am not a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or any organized follower. Now that I am awake, I’m excited to share this knowledge. But with whom? Herein lies the problem. If I went up to someone like who I used to be. The unaware me would have welcomed the debate and would have presented my usual logic to introduce doubt into what was being shared with me. I […]